We record our sermons each week and make them available online, just in case you missed it or would like to listen to it again.  All sermons can be downloaded in mp3 format and played on your computer or mp3 player. If you have any problem downloading or listening to any of these sermons, please contact the church office.

The Church as Sacrefice

15/05/22Peter Gibson34:58, ~12MB
The Church
15/05/22The Church as SacreficePeter Gibson34:58, ~12MB
08/05/22The church as serventsKate Young25:43, ~9MB
01/05/22The Church as a bodyKate26:34, ~9MB
The Truth
24/04/22The TruthRichard Bolam15:08, ~5MB
Easter Sunday 2022
17/04/22Easter SundayKate Young20:04, ~7MB
And Jesus met…
10/04/22Jesus meets the crowed as He rode a donkeyKate Young25:54, ~9MB
03/04/22And Jesus met Mary, the sister of LazarusKate Young33:30, ~12MB
27/03/22Jesus met the Canaanite womanKate Young30:12, ~10MB
20/03/22Jesus met the rich young manHilary Hannan25:30, ~9MB
13/03/22Jesus met Moses and ElijahLynsey Heselgrave26:58, ~9MB
20/02/22Jesus met a dead girl and a sick womanWyn Owen26:10, ~9MB
13/02/22Jesus met the Widow of NainKate Young23:12, ~8MB
06/02/22Jesus met people who had a horrible skin diseaseLinda Paterson (All age Service)13:39, ~4MB
30/01/22Jesus met LeviKate Young30:17, ~10MB
23/01/22Jesus met the DisciplesKate Young25:23, ~9MB
16/01/22Jesus met the servents at the weddingKate Young28:32, ~10MB
09/01/22Jesus met John the BaptistKate Young37:50, ~13MB
02/01/22Southend NavitiyKate Young19:23, ~6MB
19/12/21Carol ServiceKate Young43:21, ~15MB
12/12/21Nativity ServiceKate Young12:10, ~4MB
05/12/21Luke 1:26-38Kate Young23:44, ~8MB
28/11/21Luke 1:5-26Kate Young28:33, ~10MB
14/11/21Philippians 4 v 14-10Kate Young23:25, ~8MB
07/11/21Highlights from our Family ServiceKate Young24:32, ~8MB
31/10/21Philippians 4 2-12Kate Young20:17, ~7MB
24/10/21Philippians 3v12 – 4v1Kate Young34:00, ~12MB
17/10/21Philippians 3 1-11Hilary Hannan21:56, ~7MB
Fellowship and Encouragement
10/10/21Fellowship and EncouragementPeter Gibson39:39, ~14MB
Harvest 2021
03/10/21HarvestKate Young31:40, ~11MB
26/09/21Philippians 2 : 12-18Kate Young26:16, ~9MB
19/09/21Philippians 2 1-11Kate Young18:21, ~6MB
18/09/21InductionKate Young and others1:03:11, ~22MB
12/09/21Philippians 1 : 12-30Kata Young37:17, ~13MB
05/09/21Philippians 1 v 1-11Kate Young23:40, ~8MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
15/08/21PeacePeter Gibson24:02, ~8MB
All age service
08/08/21Unlimited 21Richard Bolam2:37, ~0MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
01/08/21HopeHilary Hannan27:36, ~9MB
Invited preachers
25/07/21JoanahMartin Battle39:59, ~14MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
18/07/21GoodnessLynsey Heslegrave37:07, ~13MB
Th eFruit of the Spirit
11/07/21KindnessPeter Gibson33:24, ~12MB
Eastern Baptist Sermons
04/07/21God’s Chosen PeopleGraeme Ross (by video)15:33, ~5MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
20/06/21FaithfulnessLynsey Heslegrave41:13, ~14MB
13/06/21Gentleness.Peter Gibson34:20, ~12MB
06/06/21Self-controlSteven Hembery27:05, ~9MB
Friends International
30/05/21Friends InternationalTracey Moreton30:21, ~10MB
Pentecost 2021
23/05/21PentecostRichard Bolam18:21, ~6MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
09/05/21PatiencePeter Gibson39:11, ~14MB
02/05/21JoyKate Young1:03:51, ~22MB
Koban Charity
25/04/21KobanDaniel Layzell36:44, ~13MB
The Fruit of the Spirit
18/04/21LovePeter Gibson42:51, ~15MB
Visiting speaker
11/04/21PeterKate Young1:03:38, ~22MB
EBA Recorded sermons
04/04/21Easter SundayBeth Powney13:27, ~4MB
Socially distanced services
13/12/20Three Wise WomenBeth Powney17:00, ~6MB
06/12/20AdventPeter Gibson35:27, ~12MB
01/11/20All saints dayLinda Paterson6:17, ~2MB
25/10/20Ambasidors for ChristDennis Mahon43:13, ~15MB
18/10/20Messengers of God’s loveSteven Hembery28:09, ~10MB
11/10/20Psalms 42 and 43Steven Hembery53:24, ~19MB
04/10/20A time for everythingLynsey Heselgrave47:24, ~17MB
20/09/20Psalm 55Steven Hembery44:47, ~16MB
13/09/20Psalm 40Peter Gibson29:47, ~10MB
06/09/20The Lord is my ShepherdTracey Ross30:44, ~11MB
30/08/20ChangesLinda Patterson25:11, ~9MB
23/08/20SeedsHilary Hannan23:55, ~8MB
16/08/20A CreedMartin Battle6:16, ~2MB
Easter Fortold
15/03/20Full ServiceMartin Batle1:23:39, ~30MB
15/03/20Triumphant EntryMartin Batle38:51, ~13MB
All age service
08/03/20SmellsJohn and Helen Vinter45:04, ~16MB
A Fresh Start
23/02/20OnesimusAubery Cardy37:33, ~13MB
16/02/20PaulRob Hughes34:45, ~12MB
09/02/20Simon PeterJohn Holden34:01, ~12MB
02/02/20What do you do when God speaks?Beth Powney32:17, ~11MB
Family Service
26/01/20God wants to be involved in our livesTracey Ross36:31, ~13MB
A Fresh Start
19/01/20MosesSteven Hembery39:48, ~14MB
12/01/20JacobJenny Hughes37:22, ~13MB
05/01/20DavidRichard Bolam16:45, ~6MB
15/12/19Born in BethlehemLynsey Heslegrave26:45, ~9MB
24/11/19A MessengerPeter Gibson35:47, ~12MB
17/11/19Jesus’ MinistryLynsey Heslegrave25:16, ~9MB
Remembrance Sunday
10/11/19RemembranceSteven Hembery31:55, ~11MB
Visiting Speaker
03/11/19The LORD’s ways are higherSally owen15:39, ~5MB
1st Letter of Peter
20/10/19How to LiveLynsey Heslegrave29:14, ~10MB
13/10/19Making a Stand for JesusAubrey Cardy35:23, ~12MB
06/10/19Suffering for Doing GoodJohn Spademan27:34, ~9MB
29/09/19Feeding the Five ThousandBobbie Ennals25:08, ~9MB
1st Letter of Peter
22/09/19Submission and AuthorityHeather Elson28:24, ~8MB
15/09/19The Living Stones & A Chosen PeopleLynsey Heselgrave28:55, ~8MB
08/09/19Be HolyPeter Gibson37:17, ~13MB
01/09/19Living HopePeter Gibson24:31, ~8MB
18/08/19The Treasure and the PearlMargaret Andrew19:33, ~7MB
All Age Service
11/08/19PersistanceMartin Battle13:45, ~4MB
Lessons from Ruth
28/07/19Ruth 3 + 4Faith Marsden35:51, ~12MB
21/07/19Ruth 2Dennis Mahon28:11, ~10MB
14/07/19Ruth 1Lynsey Heselgrave34:16, ~12MB
Excellent News
07/07/19HealingBen36:45, ~13MB
30/06/19MeaningHeather Elson24:55, ~8MB
Family Service
23/06/19ZacchaeusJohn Vinter9:21, ~3MB
Excellent News
16/06/19RelationshipLynsey Heselgrave32:13, ~11MB
09/06/19What does it mean to be Church?Andrew Diaper24:26, ~8MB
Excellent News
02/06/19FreedomSteven Hembery26:15, ~9MB
19/05/19HeavenPeter Gibson31:46, ~11MB
12/05/19God with meLynsey Heselgrave35:16, ~12MB
All age Service 5 May 2019
05/05/19The Joy of the Lord is your strengthTracey Ross32:02, ~11MB
Pointing to the Lamb of God
28/04/19RevelationAndrew Diaper31:19, ~11MB
Easter 2019
21/04/19RescuedPeter Gibson28:06, ~10MB
Palm Sunday 2019
14/04/19ArrivalsAndrew Fordyce12:00, ~4MB
The Lamb of God
07/04/19The Last SupperGeoff Felton29:01, ~10MB
Mothering Sunday 2019
31/03/19PassoverJohn Cuthbert17:50, ~6MB
The ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus
17/03/19I am The ResurrectionJenny Hughes31:22, ~11MB
10/03/19I am the Alpha and the Omega (Α + Ω)Peter Gibson33:12, ~11MB
03/03/19I am the Gate/DoorSteven Hembery27:08, ~9MB
24/02/19I am the good shepherdJenny Hughes14:59, ~5MB
17/02/19I am The True VineRichards Spencer37:00, ~13MB
John 4
10/02/19An Unexpected EncounterBeth Powney32:53, ~11MB
The ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus
03/02/19The TruthPeter Gibson31:21, ~11MB
All Age Service – 27 Jan
27/01/19PatienceVicky Ball9:38, ~3MB
The ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus
20/01/19I am The Bread of LifeAndrew Fordyce18:56, ~6MB
13/01/19I am The Light of the WorldLynsey Heselgrave30:26, ~10MB
06/01/19I am The WayJohn Holden36:13, ~13MB
Autumn 2018
16/12/18MaryPeter Gibson31:03, ~11MB
09/12/18Freedom for the CaptivesDan Pratt28:07, ~10MB
02/12/18Forsaken not ForgottenMartin Battle28:47, ~10MB
18/11/18Journey into the unknownHiliary Hannan24:26, ~8MB
11/11/18Remebrance SundayLindsay Caplen26:20, ~9MB
04/11/18The Spirit of the Lord is on meTim Abbott32:56, ~11MB
21/10/18Who we are in ChristPeter Gibson36:31, ~13MB
14/10/18God has it in controlRichard Bolam14:08, ~5MB
Graeme’s last sermon as pastor
07/10/18Isiah 40Graeme Ross29:46, ~10MB
Things I learnt along the way
23/09/18The Importance of the JourneyGraeme Ross29:41, ~10MB
16/09/18People are importantGraeme Ross35:27, ~12MB
09/09/18Baggage slows you downGraeme Ross27:34, ~9MB
02/09/18Dreams are worth livingGraeme Ross28:01, ~10MB
12 August 2018
12/08/18Simon PeterJenny Hughes17:45, ~6MB
All Age 5 Aug 2018
05/08/18CommunionGraeme Ross35:07, ~12MB
29/07/18The Family of God – (Col 4:7-18)Graeme Ross16:04, ~5MB
22/07/18Living as a representative of JesusGraeme Ross28:15, ~10MB
15/07/18Let your words be full of graceMartin Battle35:12, ~12MB
Sunday 8 July 2018
08/07/18AnnouncementGraeme Ross23:34, ~8MB
01/07/18You are so full of JesusGraeme Ross9:19, ~3MB
24/06/18Receiving God’s PeaceGraeme Ross17:33, ~6MB
17/06/18TransformationHilary Hannan17:38, ~6MB
10/06/18Set your mind on heavenly thingsGraeme Ross32:07, ~11MB
03/06/18Christ is EverythingRichard Bolam10:32, ~3MB
20/05/18Rooted in ChristTracey Ross24:05, ~8MB
13/05/18Do you love the ChurchGraeme Ross34:04, ~12MB
06/05/18The Privilege and Price of following JesusGraeme Ross30:59, ~11MB
22/04/18Who is JesusGraeme Ross29:40, ~10MB
15/04/18How to pray for one anotherPeter Gibson30:54, ~11MB
Easter 2018
08/04/18Amazing grace – Luke 24Jenny Hughes31:28, ~11MB
01/04/18Meeting the Risen Jesus: John 20Graeme Ross37:11, ~13MB
Who am I?
18/03/18S.H.A.P.E. – SHAPE in ActionGraeme Ross30:20, ~10MB
11/03/18S.H.A.P.E. – Better togetherGraeme Ross33:39, ~12MB
11/03/18S.H.A.P.E. – SHAPED by God – All ageTracey Ross8:04, ~2MB
04/03/18S.H.A.P.E. – SHAPED to serveGraeme Ross33:38, ~12MB
25/02/18S.H.A.P.E – Letting Go & BaptismGraeme Ross33:25, ~12MB
18/02/18S.H.A.P.E. – ExperiencesGraeme Ross32:05, ~11MB
11/02/18S.H.A.P.E. – PersonalityGraeme Ross31:39, ~11MB
04/02/18S.H.A.P.E. – AbilitiesGraeme Ross27:27, ~9MB
28/01/18S.H.A.P.E. – Hearts DesireGraeme & Tracey Ross41:12, ~14MB
14/01/18S.H.A.P.E. – Spiritual GiftsGraeme Ross41:02, ~14MB
07/01/18Who am I?Graeme Ross26:58, ~9MB
Guest speaker 21 Jan 18
01/01/18Philip the EvangelistChris Duffett39:08, ~14MB
Christmas Talks 2017
31/12/17ChangeMartin Battle19:29, ~7MB
25/12/17Waiting…..Graeme Ross9:19, ~3MB
17/12/17Can you spell C H R I S T M A SGraeme Ross9:05, ~3MB
There’s Something about Mary
17/12/17Mary the Mother of JesusGraeme Ross29:32, ~10MB
10/12/17Mary’s Maternity SuitGraeme Ross22:41, ~8MB
03/12/17Mary’s Unexpected VisitorGraeme Ross26:06, ~9MB
Our values.
19/11/17Who is God calling us to be?Graeme Ross41:08, ~14MB
The Beatitudes
12/11/17Blessed are those persecuted for righteousnessGraeme Ross31:32, ~11MB
05/11/17Blessed are the peacemakersGraeme Ross22:55, ~8MB
22/10/17Blessed are the pure in heartGraeme Ross26:50, ~9MB
15/10/17Blessed are the mercifulGraeme Ross31:34, ~11MB
08/10/17Blessed are those who hunger and thirst …Graeme Ross28:49, ~10MB
17/09/17Blessed are the MeekGraeme Ross28:53, ~10MB
10/09/17Blessed are those who mournGraeme Ross26:52, ~9MB
03/09/17Blessed are the poor in spiritGraeme Ross36:07, ~13MB
All age Service – 29 Oct 2017
02/08/17All age serviceJenny Hughes18:02, ~6MB
Fruitfulness (1st October)
01/08/17FruitfulnessGraeme Ross15:04, ~5MB
Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration (24 Sept)
31/07/17FruitfulnessSimon Goddard32:20, ~11MB
Various Sermons – 2017
30/07/17Joshua 3-4Graeme Ross17:46, ~6MB
23/07/17Everyday PrayerGraeme Ross28:41, ~10MB
16/07/17Instructions for Men and Women?Graeme Ross35:53, ~12MB
Our Church Values
09/07/17Salt and LightJenny Hughes33:18, ~11MB
02/07/17What is shaping us?Graeme Ross34:27, ~12MB
18/06/17Travelling in our journey of faithGraeme Ross28:16, ~10MB
11/06/17Honest about our faithGraeme Ross33:29, ~12MB
04/06/17God is our LeaderGraeme Ross30:25, ~10MB
21/05/17Informal and RelaxedGraeme Ross33:37, ~12MB
07/05/17Everyone mattersGraeme Ross33:16, ~11MB
30/04/17All Age ServiceGraeme Ross32:24, ~11MB
23/04/17Welcoming and accessible to allJenny Hughes33:59, ~12MB
Cafe Church 25-6-17
19/04/17Everyone needs HopeGraeme Ross22:57, ~8MB
28-5-17 Family Service
18/04/17Party PoliticsJenny Hughes12:26, ~4MB
14 May 2017 Mission Report
17/04/17Interview with Graeme RossMike and Donna Spencer43:46, ~15MB
Easter Sunday 2017
Palm Sunday 2017
09/04/17Palm SundayCaroline Martin20:11, ~7MB
Jesus in the wilderness
02/04/17Who are we worshipingAnthony Kee16:42, ~6MB
19/03/17Who is God?Graeme Ross36:46, ~13MB
12/03/17What do we need in life?Jenny Hughes23:21, ~8MB
05/03/17Who are we?Graeme Ross26:53, ~9MB
New Year! New Start
26/02/17The Prodigal SonGraeme Ross23:04, ~8MB
19/02/17Why is this taking so long?Richard Bolam12:43, ~4MB
12/02/17Do we want to go backJenny Hughes28:54, ~10MB
05/02/17Looking OutwardsGraeme Ross26:42, ~9MB
29/01/17The story so farGraeme Ross9:55, ~3MB
22/01/17Keep Calm and Trust GodJenny Hughes31:55, ~11MB
15/01/17A Leap of FaithGraeme Ross27:32, ~9MB
08/01/17Leaving the past behindGraeme Ross26:01, ~9MB
01/01/17Beginning the JourneyGraeme Ross22:09, ~7MB
Christmas 2016
25/12/16Christmas Morning ServiceGraeme Ross53:38, ~19MB
18/12/16Carols by candlelightGraeme Ross and others55:47, ~20MB
An encounter with God changes us
11/12/16Joseph (Matthew 1 18-25)Graeme Ross29:05, ~10MB
04/12/16Mary (Luke 1 26-56)Graeme Ross28:03, ~10MB
Ingredients of Prayer
20/11/161 Samuel Ch. 1 & 2Richard Bolam15:17, ~5MB
13/11/16A prayer for boldnessAnthony Knee20:10, ~7MB
06/11/16Prayer changes usGraeme Ross30:32, ~10MB
30/10/16For Yours is the KingdomGraeme Ross20:49, ~7MB
16/10/16Lead us not into temptationAnthony Knee27:31, ~9MB
09/10/16Forgive us our trespassesGraeme Ross35:32, ~12MB
02/10/16Give us this day our daily breadGraeme Ross28:45, ~10MB
18/09/16Your Kingdom ComeGraeme Ross27:32, ~9MB
11/09/16Hallowed be Your NameJenny Hughes23:13, ~8MB
04/09/16Our Father in HeavenGraeme Ross34:31, ~12MB
All age service 23 Oct 2016
01/09/16WaitingJenny Hughes15:07, ~5MB
Various Sermons – 2016
21/08/16"Nobody"Jenny Hughes15:25, ~5MB
14/08/16The greatest commandmentGraeme Ross +others31:49, ~11MB
07/08/16Run The RaceGraeme Ross30:41, ~11MB
31/07/16Messy Church – Two housesHilary Hannan13:26, ~4MB
24/07/16Jeremiah – The Potter’s HouseJenny Hughes30:49, ~11MB
17/07/16Jeremiah – God is aways with usRichard Bolam7:35, ~2MB
03/07/16Act Chapter 10Graeme Ross28:00, ~10MB
26/06/16Baptism & NoahJenny Huges41:11, ~14MB
19/06/16Uganda BMS TeamBMS Team42:53, ~15MB
12/06/16A Letter to LaodiceaGraeme Ross33:48, ~12MB
05/06/16Jesus’s ChurchAnthony Knee21:10, ~7MB
What’s the Point?
29/05/16Training and EquippingJenny Hughes18:46, ~6MB
22/05/16We need GodGraeme Ross30:56, ~11MB
15/05/16InspirationGraeme Ross35:08, ~12MB
08/05/16OpportunitiesJenny Hughes43:19, ~15MB
01/05/16PlacesGraeme Ross28:36, ~10MB
Baptist Declaration of Principle
24/04/16Being Honest About Our FaithGraeme Ross38:43, ~13MB
17/04/16BaptismGraeme Ross33:06, ~11MB
10/04/16Jesus is LordGraeme Ross25:47, ~9MB
3 April 2016
03/04/16Daring GreatlyOrchard Baptist Church24:44, ~8MB
Easter 2016
27/03/16Easter SundayGraeme Ross30:08, ~10MB
25/03/16Good Friday CommunionGraeme Ross38:08, ~13MB
The Minor Prophets
13/03/16HaggaiGraeme Ross47:49, ~17MB
06/03/16ZechariahGraeme Ross35:01, ~12MB
28/02/16Obadiah and MalachiGraeme Ross36:03, ~12MB
14/02/16HabakkukGraeme Ross38:41, ~13MB
07/02/16Nahum and ZephaniahGraeme Ross27:52, ~10MB
31/01/16Jonah: Surprise!Jenny Hughes & Graeme Ross15:50, ~5MB
24/01/16MicahGraeme Ross34:33, ~12MB
10/01/16Amos: Forget me notJenny Hughes25:40, ~9MB
03/01/16Joel: Turn around when possibleGraeme Ross42:21, ~15MB
All age services (2016)
28/12/1521 Feb – Elijah and AhabJenny Hughes41:05, ~14MB
Christmas 2015
27/12/15Throw your nets on the other sideGraeme Ross30:11, ~10MB
20/12/15Christmas UnwrappedGraeme Ross45:58, ~16MB
06/12/15Why I could never be a missionaryGraeme Ross31:18, ~11MB
22/11/15Why I fall asleep when In prayCarolyn Skinner46:58, ~16MB
15/11/15Why my mind wanders in communionGraeme Ross30:07, ~10MB
08/11/15Dispensable – Why I want to be the bestGraeme Ross40:10, ~14MB
01/11/15Disappointed – Why I can’t move mountainsAnthony Knee25:28, ~9MB
18/10/15Dismissive: Why I feel such a hypocriteGraeme Ross36:48, ~13MB
11/10/15Dismissive – Why I have heard it all beforeHilary Hannan17:33, ~6MB
27/09/15All age service – DisorientedGraeme Ross + Others21:20, ~7MB
20/09/15Testimony + What am I doing here?William Wade44:21, ~15MB
13/09/15Why I shout at GodGraeme Ross31:39, ~11MB
06/09/15Why I feel I am going nowhereGraeme Ross32:46, ~11MB
All age services (2015)
30/08/15The Lord’s our shepherdGraeme Ross20:06, ~7MB
02/08/15ZacchaeusGraeme Ross9:50, ~3MB
26/07/15God’s armourGraeme Ross23:46, ~8MB
Beacons of Hope
19/07/1519 July 15 Beacons of HopeGraeme Ross29:38, ~10MB
15/07/15Psalm 19Anthoy + Sarah Knee20:59, ~7MB
05/07/15Psalm 139Richard Bolam12:55, ~4MB
28/06/15Psalm 121Graeme, Rachel & Janice16:30, ~5MB
14/06/15Psalm 40Graeme Ross24:34, ~8MB
07/06/15Psalm 25Amy Crick31:27, ~11MB
31/05/15Psalm 22Graeme Ross37:33, ~13MB
17/05/15Psalm 23Hilary Hannan14:04, ~5MB
10/05/15Psalm 73Graeme Ross35:10, ~12MB
03/05/15Psalm 42Graeme Ross27:21, ~9MB
26/04/15Psalm 32Graeme Ross28:38, ~10MB
19/04/15Psalm 106Graeme Ross32:29, ~11MB
12/04/15Introduction and Psalm 8Graeme Ross26:53, ~9MB
Fathers’ Day 2015
07/04/1521-June Fathers’ DayGraeme Ross8:26, ~3MB
Pentecost (24-5-2015)
06/04/15Acts 2Graeme Ross12:51, ~4MB
Easter 2015
05/04/15EasterGraeme Ross14:57, ~5MB
Palm Sunday 2015
29/03/15Palm SundayAndrew Fordyce14:53, ~5MB
Fruitfullness – The Gospel
15/03/15The GospelGraeme Ross13:27, ~4MB
Our Vision (2015 sermon)
Fruitfulness on the Frontline
01/02/15Lord help my unbelief Mark 9 14-29Graeme Ross9:18, ~3MB
All Age Service (Jan 2015)
25/01/15All Age ServiceTracey and Graeme Ross35:03, ~12MB
Advent 2014
14/12/14AdventGraeme Ross35:48, ~12MB
The Kingdom of God
23/11/14The Kingdom and moneyBerkeley Young43:32, ~15MB
16/11/14Service not powerGraeme Ross24:47, ~8MB
09/11/14Are we committed to the King?Graeme Ross23:41, ~8MB
02/11/14Peace and not anxietyGraeme Ross31:03, ~11MB
26/10/14The good news of the KingdomGraeme & Tracey Ross43:34, ~15MB
19/10/14Grace and MercyDes Stubbs28:00, ~10MB
12/10/14Kingdom ValuesGraeme Ross25:47, ~9MB
05/10/14A different way of livingGraeme Ross33:39, ~12MB
21/09/14The now and the not yetGraeme Ross36:23, ~13MB
14/09/14Jesus is KingGraeme Ross28:43, ~10MB
07/09/14The Kingdom of God is the People of GodGraeme Ross30:20, ~10MB
27/07/14How did Jesus answer questions?Graeme Ross35:44, ~12MB
20/07/14What happens when we die?Graeme Ross24:05, ~8MB
06/07/14What does it mean to misuse the Lords name?Graeme Ross35:06, ~12MB
15/06/14Farther’s Day QuestionsGraeme Ross32:39, ~11MB
25/05/14Is God fairGraeme Ross34:26, ~12MB
18/05/14Violence in the Old TestamentGraeme Ross35:16, ~12MB
29 June – The Kingdom
15/05/14The King and the KingdomBerkeley Young31:53, ~11MB
11/05/14Is Britain a Christian country?Graeme Ross30:39, ~11MB
CYO 4-5-2014
04/05/14God is BigAmy Crick27:58, ~10MB
Easter 2014
20/04/14Easter SundayGraeme Ross9:19, ~3MB
18/04/14Good FridayGraeme Ross17:34, ~6MB
16/04/1427 Apr – PartingGraeme Ross29:05, ~10MB
06/04/14PuzzlingTim Abbott26:46, ~9MB
30/03/14PurposeGraeme Ross35:25, ~12MB
23/03/14PartnershipSimon Goddard32:18, ~11MB
16/03/14PresenceGraeme Ross23:59, ~8MB
09/03/14PanicGraeme Ross40:04, ~14MB
02/03/14PrayerGraeme Ross30:48, ~11MB
23/02/14PowerGraeme Ross28:30, ~10MB
16/02/14PerseveranceMelissa Castle21:04, ~7MB
09/02/14ProvisionGraeme Ross31:17, ~11MB
02/02/14ProphesyGraeme Ross34:10, ~12MB
26/01/14Prayer for GrowthGraeme Ross34:56, ~12MB
19/01/14Passionate PrayerGraeme Ross32:16, ~11MB
12/01/14A Prayer for ChristiansGraeme Ross29:38, ~10MB
05/01/14The A B C of PrayerGraeme Ross28:05, ~10MB
Advent (2013)
22/12/13Family Carol ServiceOrchard Baptist43:03, ~15MB
15/12/13Christmas surpriseGraeme Ross29:18, ~10MB
08/12/13Is Christmas affordable?Graeme Ross25:41, ~9MB
01/12/13More at Christmas?Graeme Ross18:50, ~6MB
Pictures of the Church
24/11/13Knowing who we areGraeme Ross31:56, ~11MB
10/11/13An armyGraeme Ross21:09, ~7MB
03/11/13The FlockGraeme Ross15:45, ~5MB
27/10/13The VineGraeme Ross36:19, ~13MB
20/10/13The TempleGraeme Ross26:11, ~9MB
13/10/13Body of ChristGraeme Ross23:29, ~8MB
29/09/13BuildingGraeme Ross26:47, ~9MB
22/09/13Family of GodDes Stubbs29:03, ~10MB
15/09/13A Chosen PeopleGraeme Ross31:20, ~11MB
08/09/13The Bride of ChristGraeme Ross20:56, ~5MB
01/09/13EkklesiaGraeme Ross30:46, ~11MB
Expedition through the Bible
31/08/1318 Sep – The big pictureNick Lear59:36, ~21MB
30/08/139 Oct – What are we reading?Nick Lear1:03:49, ~22MB
29/08/1323 Oct Interpreting what we readNick Lear55:51, ~20MB
28/08/1314 Nov – How did we get the Bible?Nick Lear1:06:00, ~23MB
27/08/134 Dec – Is is reliaBible?Nick Lear1:05:19, ~23MB
Family Services Aug 2013
25/08/13CommunityBerkeley & Des20:30, ~7MB
18/08/13ParablesVarious17:00, ~6MB
11/08/13ClarityGrameme Ross17:20, ~6MB
Who is Jesus?
04/08/13CommunionGraeme Ross21:54, ~7MB
21/07/13CompassionGraeme Ross22:07, ~7MB
14/07/13What Is Worship?Graeme Ross30:10, ~10MB
07/07/13Who do you think that Jesus is?Graeme Ross35:19, ~12MB
30 June – Hope
30/06/13HopeGraeme Ross24:24, ~8MB
May 26th
26/05/1326 May – Daniel Ch 3Graeme Ros35:00, ~12MB
Pentecost 2013
19/05/1319 May 13 PentecostGraeme Ross24:09, ~8MB
12/05/1312 May 2013 – BelovedAmy Crick29:45, ~10MB
06/05/1316 June – Frontline PrayerGraeme Ross24:43, ~8MB
05/05/13The Frontline CommunityGraeme Ross16:51, ~6MB
28/04/13The Frontline CommissionGraeme Ross16:13, ~5MB
21/04/13The Frontline CallGraeme Ross19:07, ~6MB
7th April 2013
07/04/13Understanding the GospelGraeme Ross44:55, ~16MB
Easter 2013
31/03/13Why is the resurection so importantGraeme Roass25:26, ~7MB
Churches togeter Lent 2013
19/03/13Money Matters + C A PGraeme Ross & Nigel Drew42:22, ~15MB
The life of Joseph
17/03/13How does God work out His purposes?Graeme Ross37:47, ~13MB
10/03/13ReconciliationGraeme Ross28:40, ~10MB
03/03/13ConfusedGraeme Ross27:23, ~8MB
24/02/13When our past catches up with usRichard Bolam24:16, ~8MB
17/02/13Practical GuidanceGraeme Ross21:23, ~7MB
10/02/13When Life is HardGraeme Ross27:43, ~9MB
03/02/13Triumph and Temptationgraeme Ross33:27, ~12MB
27/01/13Judah’s Journey (Edited)Graeme Ross31:13, ~11MB
27/01/13Judah’s JourneyGraeme Ross32:25, ~11MB
20/01/13Brotherly LoveDes Stubbs30:04, ~10MB
13/01/13Happy Famulies!Graeme Ross34:01, ~12MB
06/01/13Snakes and LaddersRichard Bolam26:59, ~9MB
05/01/1317 Feb – Baptism teachingGraeme Ross3:33, ~1MB
Advent 2012
16/12/12Who do we want to be like?Graeme Ross21:55, ~7MB
09/12/12John 1.5-14: Jesus is LightGraeme Ross24:52, ~7MB
25/11/12We all need somebody to lean onGraeme Ross31:09, ~11MB
18/11/12Waiting PatientlyGraeme Ross28:15, ~10MB
11/11/12Sharing?Graeme Ross16:27, ~5MB
04/11/12Follow the LeaderGraeme Ross26:32, ~9MB
28/10/12Judging othersRichard Bolam22:25, ~8MB
21/10/12James 4.1-10 – Make up your mindGraeme Ross32:23, ~9MB
14/10/12Are you wise?Graeme Ross21:46, ~7MB
07/10/12Faith TalkingGraeme Ross29:43, ~10MB
30/09/12Faith MOTGraeme Ross25:27, ~7MB
23/09/12Pride and PrejudiceRichard Bolam25:16, ~7MB
16/09/12Mirror mirrorGraeme Ross21:16, ~6MB
09/09/12Faith WorksGraeme Ross27:02, ~6MB
The Summer
02/09/12CommunionOrchard Baptist13:30, ~3MB
Summer all age services 2012
05/08/12Olympic SpecialGraeme Ross25:31, ~6MB
15/07/12Headings – What influences us?Graeme Ross31:40, ~7MB
01/07/12Hearing – Will we listen to God?Graeme Ross27:21, ~6MB
17/06/12Hostility – Will we overcome challenges?Graeme Ross30:36, ~7MB
10/06/12Harmony – Will we work together – 2Graeme Ross32:33, ~7MB
03/06/12Harmony – Will we work togetherDes Stubbs32:26, ~7MB
27/05/12Heroes – Will we act? – 2Graeme Ross34:23, ~8MB
20/05/12Heroes – Will we act?Graeme Ross32:45, ~7MB
13/05/12Help – Will we pray? – 2Richard Bolam26:37, ~6MB
06/05/12Help – Will we pray?Graeme Ross27:21, ~6MB
29/04/12Heart – What do we care about? – 2Graeme Ross34:50, ~8MB
22/04/12Heart – What do we care about?Graeme Ross24:48, ~5MB
15/04/12The whole storyGraeme Ross30:34, ~7MB
Easter 2012
08/04/12EasterGraeme Ross7:04, ~1MB
Strangers in a strange land
25/03/12Advice for lifeGraeme Ross28:58, ~6MB
18/03/12More sufferingGraeme Ross21:15, ~5MB
04/03/12Called to be comfortable?Graeme Ross30:30, ~7MB
26/02/12Please yourself?Graeme Ross26:39, ~6MB
19/02/12Standing up for our rights?Richard Bolam28:38, ~6MB
12/02/12Model CitizensDes Stubbs28:08, ~6MB
05/02/12Who do we think we are?Graeme Ross24:33, ~5MB
29/01/12Grand DesignsGraeme Ross31:47, ~7MB
22/01/12Living life to the fullGraeme Ross35:24, ~8MB
15/01/12Hoping for Gold?Richard Bolam22:49, ~5MB
08/01/12The Normal Christian LifeBerkeley Young30:40, ~7MB
Chruch Structure
05/01/1225th Feb – Leaders’ suggestions.Graeme Ross16:17, ~3MB
New Year
01/01/12Making a fresh startGraeme Ross8:06, ~1MB
Advent 2011
18/12/11Carol ServiceChurch members49:31, ~11MB
11/12/11Christmas FutureGraeme Ross30:30, ~7MB
04/12/11Christmas ForetoldRichard Bolem26:09, ~6MB
Proverbs: Choose Life
27/11/11Benefits and ConsequencesGraeme Ross27:02, ~6MB
20/11/11IntegrityBerkeley Young34:44, ~8MB
13/11/11Intimacy: follow the Maker’s InstructionsGraeme Ross34:33, ~8MB
06/11/11Healthy Relationships 2Graeme Ross34:38, ~8MB
30/10/11CommunicationRichard Bolam30:53, ~7MB
16/10/11Healthy Relationships 1Graeme Ross42:34, ~10MB
09/10/11JusticeDes Stubbs16:37, ~3MB
02/10/11Life SkillsGraeme Ross31:55, ~7MB
25/09/11Money managementGraeme Ross36:55, ~8MB
18/09/11Money MattersGraeme Ross31:09, ~7MB
11/09/11Wisdom at workGraeme Ross25:17, ~6MB
04/09/11Choose LifeGraeme Ross36:30, ~8MB
23 Oct 2011 – Mark 5 21-43
02/09/11Beyond hope?Graeme Ross30:38, ~7MB
United service 16th Oct 2011
01/09/11A prayer for UnitySteve Rudge27:52, ~6MB
Our Vision
24/07/11Body buildingGraeme Ross36:59, ~8MB
17/07/11True religion?Graeme Ross35:47, ~8MB
10/07/11A disaster waiting to happenGraeme Ross28:03, ~6MB
03/07/11God is bigger than your circumstancesGraeme Ross25:22, ~6MB
26/06/11The sacred and the secularGraeme Ross31:25, ~7MB
19/06/11But we’ve never done it that way beforeGraeme Ross31:04, ~7MB
12/06/11The Transformer at WorkGraeme Ross33:39, ~8MB
05/06/11Transpirational ChristiansRichard Bolam25:27, ~6MB
29/05/11The root to blessingBerkeley Young35:10, ~8MB
22/05/11Are we overflowing?Graeme Ross26:47, ~6MB
15/05/11Bless You!Graeme Ross36:40, ~8MB
01/05/11What is the main thing?Graeme Ross38:58, ~9MB
Missionary 8 May 2011
30/04/11What is in your hand?Steve and Johanna Pillinger22:12, ~5MB
Easter 2011
24/04/11The ResurectionGraeme Ross15:44, ~3MB
22/04/11Good FridayGraeme Ross26:50, ~6MB
Joint Service 17 4 2011
17/04/11Palm SundayAndrew Fordyce17:06, ~4MB
Lent 2011
10/04/11Jesus’ forty daysGraeme Ross31:11, ~7MB
03/04/11Elijah’s forty daysRichard Bolam27:29, ~6MB
27/03/11Forty days of fearGraeme Ross30:16, ~7MB
20/03/11Moses’s 40 daysDes Stubbs25:52, ~6MB
March 13th 2011
13/03/11Are Earthquakes acts of God?Graeme Ross30:05, ~7MB
March 6th 2011
06/03/11WeaknessGraeme Ross19:30, ~4MB
27/02/11The persistent WidowGraeme Ross26:57, ~6MB
20/02/11Lost and FoundAndrew Price36:33, ~8MB
13/02/11The Great BanquetGraeme Ross32:19, ~7MB
06/02/11Forgive…or forget it!Berkeley Young39:03, ~9MB
30/01/11Counting the costGraeme Ross39:39, ~9MB
23/01/11A price worth paying?Graeme Ross27:02, ~6MB
16/01/11The SowerGraeme Ross31:26, ~7MB
09/01/11Ears to hear?Richard Bolam24:26, ~5MB
Induction of Graeme Ross
08/01/11Graeme Ross Induction 15 Jan 2011Various37:42, ~9MB
Advent 2010
02/01/11There’s no other wayDes Stubbs15:21, ~3MB
12/12/10Everybody hurtsBerkeley Young33:23, ~8MB
28/11/10What if God were one of us?Graeme Ross33:26, ~8MB
21/11/10The MasterplanAndrew Price39:38, ~9MB
14/11/10Going it alone?Richard Bolam20:56, ~5MB
07/11/10Devote yourselves to prayerBerkeley Young21:47, ~5MB
31/10/10Attitude adjustmentGraeme Ross34:40, ~8MB
24/10/10Family valuesDes Stubbs34:20, ~8MB
17/10/10Raise your sightsAndrew Price38:03, ~9MB
10/10/10Shadows or realityDes Stubbs23:15, ~5MB
03/10/10Fullness in ChristRichard Bolam22:47, ~5MB
26/09/10Harvest – not part of seriesDes Stubbs24:15, ~5MB
19/09/10Having it all … and moreRichard Bolam21:16, ~5MB
12/09/10Is Jesus in first place in your life?Eddie Campbell28:47, ~6MB
05/09/10Wisdom for GrowthRichard Bolam19:20, ~4MB
My part in the plan
18/07/10Held in Hight EsteemDes Stubbs27:41, ~6MB
11/07/10The fight goes on?Richard Bolam28:50, ~6MB
04/07/10Esther 8Andrew Price31:41, ~7MB
20/06/10Secrets RevealedDes Stubbs26:15, ~6MB
13/06/10Pride and ProvidenceRichard Bolam29:30, ~7MB
06/06/10Prayer or Pride?Eddie Campbell29:34, ~7MB
30/05/10Reality checkRichard Bolam21:25, ~5MB
23/05/10By Royal AppointmentDes Stubbs24:36, ~5MB
16/05/10Ester Chapter 2Andrew Price31:32, ~7MB
02/05/10Who is in controlRichard Bolam27:42, ~6MB
The Facts about Acts
25/04/10Never give up the shipEddie Campbell31:13, ~7MB
18/04/10Storms and ShipsRichard Bolam36:36, ~8MB
11/04/10A Pastor’s FarewellPaul Green36:26, ~8MB
04/04/10Easter Sunday – Family servicePaul Green30:52, ~7MB
02/04/10Good FridayDes Stubbs21:49, ~5MB
21/03/10Keep on talking the talkPaul Green39:33, ~9MB
07/03/10From throning to stoningPaul Green28:17, ~6MB
28/02/10Suprised by PrayerRichard Bolam27:48, ~6MB
21/02/10Changed in a flashMike Spencer31:58, ~7MB
14/02/10Willing WaitersPaul Green35:21, ~8MB
07/02/10Truth or ConsequenceAndrew Price34:42, ~8MB
31/01/10There is no other namePaul Green34:29, ~8MB
24/01/10Something to givePaul Green35:36, ~8MB
17/01/10The unstoppable ChurchAaron Campbell27:13, ~6MB
10/01/10Living under the influenceDes Stubbs27:49, ~6MB
03/01/10Extra-ordinary people Extra-ordinary livesPaul Green33:59, ~8MB
Advent (2009)
21/12/09The Real Christmas Coral – 20 Dec 6.30 pmPaul Green26:30, ~6MB
20/12/09Preparing the WayDes Stubbs17:08, ~4MB
13/12/09Starlight StarbrightPaul Green30:29, ~7MB
06/12/09The Waiting PlacePaul Green30:32, ~7MB
What has love got to do with it?
29/11/09Building a caring churchRichard Bolam27:59, ~6MB
22/11/09Is it better to have loved and lost?Paul Green40:52, ~9MB
15/11/09How they love one anotherDexter Slatter23:07, ~5MB
08/11/09Loving the UnlovablePaul Green34:09, ~8MB
25/10/09Here is lovePaul Green32:16, ~7MB
18/10/09Finding LoveRichard Bolam22:00, ~5MB
11/10/09Love is determinedPaul Green28:19, ~6MB
04/10/09Love is forgetfulPaul Green32:05, ~7MB
20/09/09God’s love is the greatest.Des Stubbs31:06, ~7MB
13/09/09Love is a commandPaul Green27:45, ~6MB
06/09/09What is Church?Paul Green27:55, ~6MB
Guest Speaker 5th July 2009
27/07/09Acts Chapter 10Matthew Archer38:03, ~9MB
When you pray…
26/07/09Prayer of ThanksgivingDes Stubbs?24:15, ~5MB
19/07/09Prayer of ConfessionPaul Green23:28, ~5MB
28/06/09Prayer of SufferingPaul Green33:57, ~8MB
21/06/09Prayer of IntercessionRichard Bolam29:27, ~7MB
14/06/09Radical PrayerPaul Green33:41, ~8MB
07/06/09Prayer and PenticostKen Payne38:30, ~9MB
31/05/09Prayer in actionJenny Paterson17:39, ~4MB
24/05/09Praying the ordinaryPaul Green35:14, ~8MB
17/05/09The prayer of restPaul Green34:09, ~8MB
10/05/09The prayer of tearsPaul Green41:57, ~10MB
03/05/09The prayer of adorationAndrew Price34:20, ~8MB
By His stripes…
19/04/09Where is our tomorrow?Paul Green42:49, ~10MB
29/03/09The healing of the 10 lepersRichard Bolam22:51, ~5MB
15/03/09The healing of the haemorraging womanPual Green29:25, ~7MB
08/03/09The healing of the paralyticPaul Green42:45, ~10MB
01/03/09I am the resurection and the lifePaul Green39:32, ~9MB
15/02/09I am the True VinePaul Green41:46, ~10MB
08/02/09I am the Good ShepherdRichard Bolan30:23, ~7MB
25/01/09I am the light of the worldRichard Bolan25:15, ~6MB
18/01/09I am the way, the truth and the lifePaul Green32:17, ~7MB
11/01/09I am the bread of life.Paul Green40:58, ~9MB
04/01/09Who do you think you are?Paul Green32:19, ~7MB
Guest Speaker 7 Dec 2008
07/12/08The Parable of the Rich FoolEd Campbell26:16, ~6MB
A fishy tale!
30/11/08When the worm turnsPaul Green43:34, ~10MB
23/11/08A Change of heartRichard Bolam24:08, ~5MB
16/11/08A Whale of a TimeAndrew Price33:56, ~8MB
09/11/08How far is too far?Paul Green33:33, ~8MB
What’s in a Name?
26/10/08Jehovah Rapha – The Lord our HealerRichard Bolam24:22, ~5MB
19/10/08Jehovah Nissi – The Lord is my bannerPaul Green34:12, ~8MB
12/10/08Jehovah Sabbaoth – The Lord of hostsPaul Green36:42, ~8MB
05/10/08Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is thereRichard Bolam25:38, ~6MB
28/09/08Jehovah Jireh – The Lord will provideRichard Bolam27:29, ~6MB
21/09/08Jehovah Ro’i – The Lord my shepherdPaul Green34:43, ~8MB
07/09/08Jehovah Shalom – The LORD is PeacePaul Green36:42, ~8MB
31/08/08I Am who I AmPaul Green35:39, ~8MB
Hosea – God’s exposed heart.
27/07/08Freely ForgivenPaul Green34:59, ~8MB
20/07/08There is no saviour besides my SaviourPaul Green33:59, ~8MB
06/07/08Never gonna to give you up.Paul Green34:15, ~8MB
29/06/08Time to seek the LordTom of CYO14:20, ~3MB
22/06/08The Party is OverPaul Green35:45, ~8MB
15/06/08God sends a whirlwindPaul Green25:50, ~6MB
08/06/08Gray hairs of spiritual declinePaul Green43:23, ~10MB
01/06/08Distorted WorshipDes Stubbs23:46, ~5MB
25/05/08God’s heartRichard Bolam24:23, ~5MB
18/05/08Unanchored faithPaul Green34:46, ~8MB
11/05/08A door of hope & redeeming lovePaul Green42:09, ~10MB
04/05/08The Prophet and the ProstituteDes Stubbs19:47, ~4MB
A question of faith
27/04/08What is your life?Paul Green37:09, ~8MB
20/04/08Will you escape God’s judgement?Paul Green41:45, ~10MB
13/04/08What does God expect of you?Richard Bolam23:07, ~5MB
06/04/08Forgive – Who me?Paul Green36:15, ~8MB
30/03/08How can we know the way?Paul Green33:54, ~8MB
21/03/08Shall I ceucify your king?Paul Green23:20, ~5MB
02/03/08Is the Lord’s arm too short?Paul Green32:24, ~7MB
24/02/08Watchman what of the night?Paul Green35:58, ~8MB
10/02/08Can a leopard change its spots?Paul Green38:41, ~9MB
03/02/08Am I my brother’s keeper?Richard Bplam23:47, ~5MB
27/01/08What are you doing here Elijah?George Balfour27:29, ~6MB
20/01/08Who can be against us?Des Stubbs25:31, ~6MB
13/01/08Will a man rob God?Paul Green37:05, ~8MB
06/01/08Who do you say that I am?Paul Green32:37, ~7MB
Baptism 6 Jan 2008
05/01/08Baptism (6th Jan)Paul Green18:35, ~4MB
Advent 2007
16/12/07Light in the DarknessRichard Bolam & others8:35, ~2MB
09/12/07PreparationPaul Green38:17, ~9MB
02/12/07WaitingRichard Bolam18:06, ~4MB
You have mail
25/11/07Have you lost your passion?George Balfour27:38, ~6MB
18/11/07Opportunity KnocksPaul Green37:52, ~9MB
11/11/07The living deadPaul Green30:59, ~7MB
04/11/07Holiness unto the LordPaul Green35:43, ~8MB
28/10/07Nothing but the truthPaul Green32:23, ~7MB
21/10/07Counting the costPaul Green35:30, ~8MB
07/10/07What’s love got to do with it?Paul Green30:20, ~7MB
Missions 14 Oct 2007
04/10/07Report 14 OctoberSteve Pillinger and team26:22, ~6MB
5 Core Values
30/09/07A Worshipping CommunityGeorge Balfour26:30, ~6MB
23/09/07A Missionary CommunityPaul Green38:00, ~9MB
16/09/07A Sacriffical CommunityPaul Green34:14, ~8MB
09/09/07An Inclusive CommunityRichard Bolam25:14, ~6MB
02/09/07A Prophetic CommunityPaul Green31:50, ~7MB
Taking God To Work
29/07/07Church Work FamilyGeorge Balfour29:07, ~6MB
22/07/07God at workPaul Green31:34, ~7MB
15/07/07Family ServiceRichard Bolam7:40, ~1MB
08/07/07Working the SystemDexter Slatter30:09, ~7MB
01/07/07StressPaul Green23:51, ~5MB
24/06/07ConflictPaul Green30:01, ~7MB
17/06/07"Sexual Harassment"Des Stubbs26:01, ~6MB
10/06/07The Perks of the JobPaul Green34:17, ~8MB
03/06/07Knowing Job SatisfactionGeorge Balfour30:18, ~7MB
20/05/07Personal AmbitionPaul Green32:32, ~7MB
13/05/07Monday Morning BluesRichard Bolam25:53, ~6MB
Power From On High – Signs and Wonders
06/05/07Careless talk costs livesPaul Green29:41, ~7MB
29/04/07Have you the power!Paul Green29:41, ~7MB
22/04/07A miracle in the house?Richard Bolam22:18, ~5MB
15/04/07The ‘Today’ JesusDes Stubbs22:34, ~5MB
08/04/07Easter SundayPaul Green29:24, ~7MB
06/04/07Good FridayPaul Green21:49, ~5MB
01/04/07The Triumphal EntryPaul Green14:50, ~3MB
25/03/07P.U.S.H.Dexter Slatter28:36, ~6MB
18/03/07You’re never too oldGeorge Balfour30:10, ~7MB
10/03/07The X FactorPaul Green24:42, ~5MB
04/03/07Lessons from a LeperRichard Bolam16:21, ~3MB
25/02/07Look Who’s talkingPaul Green28:19, ~5MB
11/02/07It’s Getting hot in herePaul Green31:08, ~7MB
04/02/07There are none so blindPaul Green33:42, ~8MB
28/01/07Holy GroundKen Payne43:01, ~10MB
21/01/07Power in the ChurchPaul Green26:52, ~6MB
14/01/07Demonstration of PowerPaul Green35:19, ~8MB
07/01/07Don’t Just Sit there.Paul Green37:12, ~8MB
Advent (2006)
24/12/06Mary’s FaithPaul Green19:45, ~4MB
10/12/06Coming ready or notPaul Green32:31, ~7MB
03/12/06The God who speaksRichard Bolam19:13, ~4MB
Power From On High – Power To Witness
26/11/06Evangelise or FossilisePaul Green31:11, ~7MB
12/11/06Go where? But it’s dangerous out there!Paul Green31:55, ~7MB
05/11/06Prayer – the start of missionPaul Green31:22, ~7MB
29/10/06Why evangelise?Richard Bolam22:03, ~5MB
Power From On High – Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit
15/10/06The Gifts of the SpiritPaul Green32:55, ~7MB
08/10/06What is that in your handPaul Green36:44, ~8MB
01/10/06Fruit of the SpiritRichard Bolam21:36, ~5MB
24/09/06Harvest ServiceDes Stubbs25:51, ~6MB
17/09/06Walk by the SpiritPaul Green33:38, ~8MB
10/09/06Being filled with the SpiritRichard Bolam21:13, ~5MB
04/09/06The New BirthPaul Green30:02, ~7MB
Freedom In Christ
23/07/06Where are you heading?Paul Green27:08, ~6MB
16/07/06Relating to othersPaul Green33:54, ~8MB
09/07/06Walking in freedom every dayTim Robertson36:05, ~8MB
02/07/06Forgiving from the heartRichard Bolam16:35, ~3MB
18/06/06Handling our emotionsPaul Green38:14, ~9MB
18/06/06Missionary service – NepalSarah Prior33:11, ~7MB
11/06/06The battle for our mindsPaul Green34:25, ~8MB
04/06/06Demolishing strongholdsRichard Bolam21:33, ~5MB
28/05/06Our daily choicePaul Green17:53, ~4MB
21/05/06Believing the truthRichard Bolam22:49, ~5MB
14/05/06Who am I now?Paul Green36:11, ~8MB
07/05/06Where did I come from?Paul Green38:10, ~9MB