The children stay in the service for the first half an hour or less and then we provide four groups for them to attend if they wish.


We have a comfortable well equipped room with toys for babies and toddlers.

Sunday School

There are two Sunday school groups – one for older preschool and key stage 1 children and one for key stage 2.

The key stage 1 group have a lot of fun learning together through a variety of activities. They always start with snack time and a space to catch up with the excitement of the week. Then they look inside the Bible and the children take it in turns to open the Bible where they will find a clue to the days story. The story is usually told using dolls or puppets before moving on to doing a related craft, colouring or cooking which is designed to help reinforce what the children have been learning about. They always have a lot of fun and often make a mess in the process.

The key stage 2 group meets upstairs. A typical Sunday morning would include a snack time, news, a relevant DVD excerpt, discussion around a Biblical theme, a game or quiz, and a craft activity.


We also run a group on Sunday mornings during the time when Sunday school meets called CY. CY is run for young people who are in key stage 3. They study the Bible at a level appropriate to the age group, helping the young people to see why Jesus is relevant to them. They also include games to help the young people grasp points being made and the young people also have the opportunity to ask questions that they have about Christianity. There is a time at the end of the session for refreshments, listening to music and playing fun games.