What should I wear? Whatever you feel comfortable in. Some people wear jeans and a T-shirt, some people wear smarter clothes.

What time should I arrive? The service starts at 10:30am so it’s always best to arrive at least 5 minutes before, however don’t be embarrassed if you turn up late, you are still most welcome. If you do arrive late it is best to use the front entrance.

Is there parking? Yes, there is ample parking at the front and the rear and entrances to the building from both car parks. The front car park contains a parking space for disabled visitors.

I don’t live near the church, can I have a lift? Please contact the church office a few days before the service and we will try to arrange this.

Can I bring my children? Yes, children are welcome. For more information look at this page.

Does it matter where I sit? No, some people sit in the same area each week, but there are no seats reserved. There is a row of padded seats which are used by older folk in the church, so please give them priority.

What can I expect on a Sunday morning? If you arrive before 10:30am you will be greeted by a member of the church who will give you a bulletin which explains what is coming up in the church. There is time to talk to others before the service begins and we have coffee afterwards. The service usually starts with an explanation of what our theme is for the morning and we aim to do this using language that people of all ages can understand. We sing modern songs more than traditional hymns and there is also space in our services to talk to God. Most Sundays the children and young people will go out to their own groups and the adults will learn more about the Bible and what following God means in our everyday lives. We expect God to speak to us through the Bible, but also as we worship and listen to him. When we gather, it is important to us to know that we have met with God and not just learnt about him.