TraceyI have learnt through the years, that I just can’t keep up,
With my expectations, seemed I’d better give up.
Things I felt I should cope with tore me apart.
My life didn’t seem like such a great work of art.
More a child’s drawing now crumpled and ripped.
I felt I had let You down but You said “not a bit”.
You loved my attempt despite its crumpled apparel.
You loved that I tried but you cried at my sorrow.
You said that together we’d start over tomorrow.

I just had to be the paper, lie still and observe,
As You the creator redrew my whole world.
It wasn’t my efforts poured out day by day,
That meant that You loved me, You did anyway.
I simply had to learn deep in my heart
That nothing I could do could set me apart.
Your love unconditional, eternal and free
Had always been given, because of a tree.
A place where Your Son had suffered and died.
Meant that I was accepted, long before I tried.

So now I am learning to let You show the way.
To give You control day after day.
I have nothing to prove but can rest in Your love.
Eternally grateful for Your help from above.
But Your love it goes deeper right into my soul.
I know that it’s only in You that I’m whole.
You make up for my weakness, add colour and grace.
So others who meet me might see Your face.

Every new morning becomes a new start,
With another blank canvas for a new work of art.
The pressure is off it’s all up to You.
But I love that You want me to come along too.
You get me involved every step of the way,
As I’m learning to listen to all that You say.
It’s not always natural to give up control,
And often I fight it, get myself on a roll.
I get carried away and forget to be quiet.
I start off the day with a rush and a riot.
But it doesn’t take long before I burn myself out,
And realise again that’s not what life is about.

Life is a journey and we make it together,
It’s about learning to love – first God then each other.

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