I was brought up in a Christian family and gave my life to the Lord when I was seven. I was at home in my bedroom and my Mum prayed for me. In retrospect, seven was probably too young as I remember telling my teddy bear all about it! I decided to give my life to the Lord because my Mum asked me if I wanted to and I did. As far as I can remember, I thought being a Christian meant that I knew Jesus died for me on the cross and that I wanted to follow him.

I wasn’t always a good little girl, which is why I think seven was probably too young for me. I was spiteful at times, like pinching or biting my sister because she was chosen to take round the offering plate at church, rather than myself. I could also be somewhat cruel to others, but thankfully, I did see the error of my ways and repented. However, although I knew what I was doing when I asked the Lord into my life, I didn’t necessarily like going to church. I had to go three times a day on Sundays and each journey involved two bus rides. It could have put me off completely but fortunately we moved and I attended a nearer church with more young people. At 14 I was baptised in water, which felt special. I decided to do this in obedience to God and it seemed like a natural progression of my Christian life. This was normal in the Pentecostal church I attended.

As a footnote, I now enjoy coming to church, something I didn’t expect to say when I was young.

I enjoy reading the Bible. It is the only book I have read several times through (a chapter a day from sometime in my teens) and it amazes me how there are still things I feel I didn’t know before.

It is good to know God is in charge of my life. One incident stands out – my husband, mother-in-law and myself found ourselves lost in Istanbul. We had emerged from the Grand Bazaar at a different spot than expected. It was dark by this stage and no taxis were about. A woman happened to pass by on her way home from work. She spoke very little English but warned us that the area would not be safe to linger in. She then walked at a very brisk pace with us in tow and took us to a main road where she stopped a taxi and told the driver to take us to our hotel. It seemed there was some big political meeting taking place and taxis were not picking up the public. She refused a lift with us and disappeared on her way. I felt I was in the presence of an angel.

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