DavidI became a Christian when I was 16, even though I have been a regular church attender my whole life. Life had it’s ups and downs but I managed. What inspired me about Christianity is a long story, but it all started when I met some amazing people at a church called Bagley Baptist Church. All of the people there have helped me through the journey that has lead me to where I am now. The church has 28 young people who are in my age group. This encouraged me and helped me to gain more of an understanding of Christianity. It is easier to learn more with people who are a similar age to you for a variety of different reasons – it’s easier to talk to each other about your problems and it’s generally easier to spend more time together. They have never let me down to this very day and have always made me feel at home every time I have visited their church.

Each year I went to Christian camps in the summer breaks at ‘New Wine’. I then went to another Christian Camp in the summer of 2014 at ‘Soul Survivor’. On the 15 August, at the 4th evening meeting I heard an inspirational sermon from Tim Ross entitled “The Image of Gold and the Blazing Furnace”. He was speaking about a passage in the Bible in Daniel chapter 3. The talk really helped inspire me, so that I realised what I already knew about Christianity was true and it helped me to know that I was ready to give my life to Jesus. I knew that God works slowly in people’s life, but I also knew that becoming a Christian would change my life in some ways. But I did not realise the huge difference that it would make in my life and how much I would change. It has brought me closer to the Christian young people that I know and has made me more confident overall and there have been so many other good changes in me.

During the next week of Soul Survivor I was with a different church group that I didn’t know and one evening meeting I was asked if I wanted prayer for a tremor in my left hand and I agreed. After 25 minutes of lying down, which felt like only a small fraction of that time I noticed a difference as the tremor is not as frequent as it was before. To me this shows that even if you have just met someone and don’t know them very well, prayer still works.

Overall becoming a Christian has impacted my life in so many different ways, such as bringing me closer to God and all of those I have known through the years at Bagley.

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