As a church we support through prayer and financially a number of people / organisations who are involved with spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to others both in the UK and abroad.

Mike and Donna Spencer mikedonna2015

Mike and Donna Spencer are living and working full-time in France. Based in Saint Etienne de Cuines, a small village in the Maurienne valley in the Alps, Mike and Donna witness the Christian life to the French people with whom they have contact in a work or leisure context.

They went out to France in 1998 and spent two years working with YWAM before moving to Albertville in the Alps to study French. During this time they developed contacts with the local churches with whom they worked in the areas of worship and evangelism for 8 years. They subsequently moved to the adjacent Maurienne valley where there was little evangelical Christian witness and were instrumental in planting a church which now continues to function without their input. They are in the process of reaching out to new people with the aim of starting another group, perhaps using the Alpha course.

Our original call was ‘Go to the place I am sending you and there you will be shown what to do’. At each new step God leads us into different things and he brings us into contact with different people – we are excited about this new step and will be interested to see where it leads!

France is one of the largest mission fields in Europe being a predominantly post-Christian and humanist society with an evangelical Christian population amounting to only 0.7% of its population, but 8-10% is Muslim.

Mike and Donna have two sons, Luke and Jonathan both of whom were schooled and now working in France. Luke married Sophie in 2013 and  their first child was born in August 2015. Jonathan is working for a season in a local ski resort.

The Owen FamilyThe Owen's

Having lived and worked for 17 years in SE Asia, the Owens returned to the UK in the summer of 2019. They continue to serve minority language groups of SE Asia through language development and translation projects.

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)

We support a BMS worker in a sensitive country through the BMS church partners scheme.

Colchester Youth Outreach (CYO)

CYO is a Christian charity that works with schools to help young people grow in life and faith. They do this by providing chaplains who contribute to pastoral support and spiritual development. They also run a number of projects that help young people explore positive lifestyles, spirituality and the Christian faith.

Baptist Union Home Missions

Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities.